How to install gas service in Seattle


Getting started

For many homebuyers, a gas stove is a near necessity. It’s one of the top 5 things that people look for in a home, and if you do take the time to install gas service in your home, you will increase the number of potential buyers interested in your property.

If you are looking to install gas service on your current home in Seattle, it’s a somewhat lengthy process, but here’s what you can expect:

First you need to make an inquiry with PSE.  There’s a small chance that gas service is already installed where you are, and all you have to do is find the stub and extend it to where you need it.  However it’s much more likely that you’ll need to initiate the full install process, and you do so by either an online form, a mailed form, or a phone call.

You can download the form here, or fill it out online here. Alternatively, you can call 888-321-7779.


Main line extensions to gas service in Seattle are customer driven, and need to be done by a licensed/bonded vendor, and of course inspected.  You can expect to spend about $8,500-$12,500, but add more than 20k in value to your home.

If you are planning on one a bigger stove like a Viking or a Wolf, you might need to request larger diameter pipes.

Install extra stubs

While you’re at it, this is a good time to install some extra stubs for outdoor barbecues, fire pits and more.  Even if you don’t have a fire pit or barbecue now, having that option for later is a smart move.  You can also explore the option of converting your gas dryer, heat source or other appliances to natural gas at a later date.


You will be responsible to restore the street back to city code, which is the most difficult part of the installation, generally. If you want more specifics, PSE publishes a very handy guide here that can give you more details about the specifics of codes, dig locations, etc


At this point, you’ll have made it through quite a lot of difficult construction, and you can sit back and enjoy the even predictable, clean cooking natural gas provides.  And, it’s a great opportunity to add an attractive stove from

As always, if you re interested in learning more, consider us your personal real estate concierge.  We connect you to a wealth of information, trustworthy vendors, and help you to navigate complex issues like permits, building codes and zoning.

-Dan and Amelia

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