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Columbia City is a hip, vibrant, historic and commuter-friendly South Seattle neighborhood that’s fun and friendly to visit for a weekend or a great place to plant some roots.  Annexed into Seattle in 1907, it originally featured a rail-line into downtown Seattle where Rainier Avenue is now.  During the 1970s, it was nearly abandoned, but now the historic buildings are filled with storefronts, bars, where residents of the surrounding blocks gather for brunches, concerts, shopping and even movies.  Sandwiched between Genesee Park to the north, and the community of Hillman City to the South, you’ll find most businesses on Rainier Ave, with a smattering of coffee shops, playgrounds, and Seward Park is just a stone’s throw away on the water.

Ark Lodge Cinemas is one of Seattle’s last independent theaters

Some of it’s top benefits include:

  • Easy access to the Light Rail, which makes getting to downtown based jobs and destinations quick, as well as attending sports events is much easier than by bus or car transport.  Being located on the light rail is a huge convenience, as is evidenced by the home prices and low “days-on-market” for most homes for sale.
  • Enormous opportunities for activity between an expansive dog park, the Lake Washington waterfront, Farmer’s markets and fun community festivals like HONK! fest-west


Always a concern (of ours) when buying a home is access to groceries.  PCC is Columbia City’s local organic grocer. They have quick and easy dinner fixin’s like a taco bar and a huge deli, as well as a full compliment of fresh produce, organic options for nearly everything, bulk shopping, and more.

Bob’s Quality Meats is a local butcher shop and Columbia City Bakery is one of our personal favorites on our way to the airport, or to bring friends and family to for a local treat and a well made cup of coffee.



No weekend is complete without brunch, and Columbia City does not disappoint.  Geraldine’s Counter is a very popular spot with a line around the door on weekend mornings.  Super Six is a Hawaiian / Asian fusion spot with great cocktails and a killer poutine. The Malasada donuts a breakfast appetizer, if there is such a thing, and they are fantastic.



The Columbia City Ale House is the place to be for Oktoberfests, The Bourbon Bar adjacent to the theatre has Karaoke, Open Mics and more.  The Royal Room features jazz, soul and rock acts almost every night of the week.  It’s a hidden gem.

But what about the houses?

  • Average price was 685k last year.
  • The average home went for $414 / sqft
  • Most homes go for about 1% over their asking price
  • The typically spend about a week and a half on market (so you have to move fast!)
The Lakewood Playground offers a fun play-field with space for sports, parking and more.


Fun, funky artwork around Columbia City keeps the vibe of the neighborhood interesting and unique


The facades of the buildings along Rainier Ave have been upgraded, but keep their charm.


The Royal Room is a favorite for live music, good beverages, and conversation
Plenty of informal eats too. Pizza, Poke, Thai, Sushi and more
From their website: The Columbia City Gallery is an artists’ collective that brings together emerging and professional artists working in diverse media, including representational and abstract painting, prints, mixed media, sculpture, glass, ceramics, enamel and hand crafted jewelry.


Columbia City is one of our favorite neighborhoods.  If you’re interested in living in or near this gem of a neighborhood, call us for a tour at your convenience.  Coffee or beer is on us 🙂

(206) 458-1311 is our office phone, or send us a message – we’re available any time.


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