About Daniel

As far back as I can remember, I’ve always loved houses.  As a very young boy I was obsessed with treehouses.  I loved that my grandma’s house had a kitchen where we all gathered to talk, and I loved the living rooms where we had our Christmases.  


As I grew into my teens, I worked for my family business, a construction and remodeling company, learning nearly every facet of construction.  I started doing demolition, drywall and cleanup, but by the time I was 20 years old I was proficient in plumbing, electrical, framing, roofing, finish carpentry and nearly everything else. I use this experience every day when helping client’s select homes or vendors for their repair needs. As I became experienced with construction, I was able to see the potential in every home I saw from watching my family’s client’s homes transformed through thoughtful changes in layout, new kitchens and baths, refinishing floors and walls or painting an exterior.   

I studied for my real estate license because I would see old houses with for sale signs, and I could see their potential.  I flipped my first house at around 28, and I’ve never looked back in the 15+ years I’ve been licensed.  I believe that you should always leave a place that you live better than when you found it, and since moving to Seattle, I’ve become passionate about the ins and outs of Seattle homes and the progression of our city as it grows and changes.  I love the Pacific Northwest architecture style, I love the people here, and I’m proud to raise my family here.  

I’ve lived in neighborhoods from Phinney and Ballard down to White Center.  Leschi, the Central District, Delridge, Capitol Hill, Mt. Baker, Columbia City, Shoreline, Kirkland, Bothell and Kenmore.  I’ve experienced the commutes, the neighborhood vibe, the variances in price, and the feeling of each neighborhood in Seattle.  I’m proud to live here and raise a family here, and I am proud to lend my expertise to help you and your family move from one stage to the next in your life.  My experience has given me a commanding grasp of the market, a love of this city and profession, and it truly brings me happiness to help you with your housing needs.  

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